Brickspower was founded by us in 2018, at first we are only a modular wireless powerbank wanted to invent the first true wireless charger

Our team spent months time to proof of concept, design and prototype

With the team’s passion on design and resolve problems, we finally created the first product of our brand – Brickspower



We have achieved Germany iF Design award, United State IDEA Design award and Hong Kong HKAI award

But we are not doing a powerbank or mobile accessory only brand

What we aim to do is a travel technology accessory brand

We would like to create first focused brand with all needed functions during on-the-go

In 2019, we have created a set of bricks, we called it “Brickspower Travel Kit”

This is the STARTER EDITION of Brickspower travel kit

Back to first day we design Brickspower in 2018, we designed our product roadmap to travel kit and more, so we made it MODULAR

Modular system is formed by Battery brick and Function brick

Once they connected together, it become full function of our electronics technology

Since BRICKSPOWER has successfully launched on KICKSTARTER crowdfunding in 2018. We then published on other crowdfunding platforms in various countries and achieve the goal, which gain lots of attention from people at the same time









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